Good Club Representation in Westbury Harrier’s Blaise Blazer

07 Aug

There was a great turnout at the Blaise Blazer by Bristol and West runners on Monday evening (5th August 2013). We made a formidable sight on the home turf of Westbury Harriers. I get the impression this is not an event the club normally participates in. But I think the word went round that we were mounting a challenge this year for the Team Challenge Cup as this particular night was a mob match with the first 6 men and the first 2 ladies counting. As a result, other clubs put out last minute strong teams.

It was great to see that the core of the team was made up from people who originally started as recreational runners at Whitehall on a Monday and Parkrunners on a Saturday. Therefore, I think we did fantastically well and came third, only 4 points behind Westbury Harriers.  Southville were champions for a second year running.

This result highlights how the club’s Recreational and Park runners have now moved on from strength to strength to be able to complete strongly in a mob match event despite the majority of the regular faster runners that the club rely on normally for mob matches not being available.

So watch out Westbury Harriers and Southville Runners because next year we only need to persuade a few more strong regular Whitehall runners and Park runners , unable to make it last night, to compete and  take the cup from Southville Runners. And if we are supported by some of the regular front runners from the club then who knows.  I will be putting a call out next year.

Results have not been posted on the Westbury Harriers website yet.  A big thank you to all those who ran. Everyone’s position was important because even though only first 8 counted, those lower down helped move runners from other teams down the list.

The result puts down a firm foundation towards taking the cup from Southville Runners next year!

Claire Joliffe was third lady and Tracy Allan was first LV50. Jarlath McKenna was fourth SM home.

The official results are not out yet but this report will do in the meantime.

Pete Mountain reports.