Use of Whitehall Athletics Arena by Club Members

14 Jul

All club members are reminded that the track at Whitehall Athletic Arena is first and foremost the school track for City Academy Bristol (CAB) and the club has access for those days and times when the club has paid to hire the track. The days of the week and times when the track is available for club use is between 6.00 pm and 9.30 pm on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday nights. Recently the Club Development Adviser has received several complaints from CAB about athletes letting themselves in outside these times or in some cases climbing over the fence to use the track outside these times.

If you want to train outside the agreed times (and an agreement is in place for throwers on a Wednesday early evening and sprinters on a Saturday morning) then you must contact the Club Development Adviser – Keith Brackstone – first. He will then approach CAB and if approval for use is granted training can go ahead provided a coach is present to supervise the session. Unauthorised use of the track by certain individuals is currently undermining the good working relationship the club has with CAB and is to stop immediately.