Club Endurance Championship 2013- End of June Standings

03 Jul

The summer is here and it has been a busy month of racing. The club championship has also been busy with two one-off races and races counting towards the Parkrun and Pomphrey sports leagues.

We’ve had some great results over the month with club athletes on the podium at the Clevedon 10k (and Avon 10k championships) and with the club retaining the 5k Avon Mob Match title.

The overall standings have completely changed. Owain Jones has shot to the top of the men’s table with overall victory at both the Clevedon 10k and the 5k Mob Match. Jessie Sanzo tops the women’s table having won the 5k mob match (finishing inside the top 10 overall) and in doing so clocking the 26th fastest UK female 5k time of 2013 and 4th fastest for a V35; and that was after clocking the fastest female UK V35 5,000 metre time of 2013 at the club open event earlier in the month. Inspirational stuff, great running those two!

Peter Woodward has mostly sorted the problem with missing ages using the Power of 10 website. There are still a couple of gaps – if you have no age listed next to your name then he would appreciate it if you could drop him an email to let him know which category you are in. There was also a couple of what looked like typos in the Clevedon 10k results. Andy Cooke was listed as an M40 which Peter doesn’t believe – he checked this on Power of 10 and as you are listed as a senior there he has included you in the results here as a senior. If he is wrong then, firstly congratulations on your youthful looks and speed, and secondly please could you also let him know and he will amend!

Current Championship Standings are as follows.  A full spreadsheet can be found at:

Men Overall

  1. Owain Jones 390pts (4 events)
  2. Will Russell 355pts (4 events)
  3. Andy Cooke 345pts (4 events)

Women Overall

  1. Jessie Sanzo 185pts (3 events)
  2. Sarah Everitt 144pts (5 events)
  3. Julia Belyavin 95pts (4 events)

Age Group Leaders

M40 Andrew Malloy 168pts (4 events)

M50 Jeremy Hogan 106pts (2 events)

M55 Pete Mountain 183pts (5 events)

M60 Carron Downer 36pts (3 events)

F35 Sophie Lovell 78pts (2 events)

F40 Annabel Granger 36pts (1 event)

F45 Sarah Everitt 144pts (5 events)

F50 Sue Campbell 45pt (4 events)

Next month sees the Towpath 10k Mob Match on Friday 19th and also chances to improve times at the Parkrun event and the Pomphrey sports 5k. So have a good month of running – and add to your points score!