Help Required at School Events – 3rd, 4th and 5th July 2013

29 Jun
One final plea for three events coming up in the coming week.
1. The club is helping at a School Primary Sports Day (hosted by Abbeywood School on Wednesday 3rd July at Kip Keino Athletic Stadium) – if you can help please contact Cy Knibb for timing details.
2. The club is also helping at the Abbeywood School Sports Day at Kip Keino Athletic Stadium from 1 until 3 pm on Thursday 4th July 2013 – if you can help please let Keith Brackstone know. [This is linked to our new Abbeywood Athletics Academy that Cy has been leading on for the last 4 Thursdays and could be a good source of recruitment for the club.]
3. The County Super 6 Level 3 final will be taking place at Bath University on Friday 5th July 2013. Peter Grosjean from Mendip is the lead organiser – he still only has 3 qualified helpers (Keith Brackstone, Ray and Pam Gooding) if you can help please let Keith Brackstone know – the first track and field events are due off at 11.00 a.m.with presentations due at 4.15 p.m and the event is due to finish at 4.30 p.m.