Bristol Half-Marathon – Sunday 15th September 2013 – Club Entries

20 May

The club are pleased to announce that it will again be able to offer a club discount to fully paid up club members who wish to enter the Bristol Half-Marathon to be held on Sunday 15th September 2013. The full affiliated entry fee is £32 but for those entering through the club the fee is reduced to £20:80. To enter:

1. Give Keith Brackstone a cheque payable to ‘Bristol & West AC’ in the sum of £20:80.

2. Wait to receive a unique voucher code from Keith (the club will pre-pay for blocks of entries up-front so this should be by return).

3. On receipt of your voucher code you must then enter on-line but when it gets to the point where you are asked to pay or enter the voucher code do not pay again – enter the voucher code. When entering please do ensure that you enter as a member of Bristol & West Athletic Club.