Whitehall Handicap – Monday 8th April 2013 – Results

08 Apr

Forty-three runners took part in the Whitehall Easter Handicap held on a 5k out-and-back course along the Bristol/Bath Cycle Track on Monday 8th April 2013. This event used the same course as that previously used for the Christmas 2012 handicap. Obviously the handicapper was far more lenient this time (or the athletes were more streetwise with their predictions) as 34 runners beat the handicapper.  Nikki Arthur had the distinction of being the most honest (or just the unluckiest) as her handicap was right to the second. Eight unfortunate souls were beaten by the handicapper.

First finisher home was newcomer Duncan Brett who entered on the night – so in his defence the handicapper didn’t have time to verify a claim to a 24 minute 5k potential. However, a 20:26 clocking means that there was a bit of gamesmanship played – or Duncan ran a heck of a PB (scouts are checking Power-of-10 even as I write). The fastest time by a lady athlete (I daren’t say the fastest lady present) was Sarah Everitt’s 19:48 clocking. The fastest time by a male athlete was the 17:43 clocking by Greg Chance. It must have been really daunting when he set off 13 minutes and 50 seconds behind Debbie Riddiford and Nicola Dutton on scratch.

A full set of reults is in downloads (which also includes the Christmas results for those who want to make comparisons) at


The general consensus seemed to be that Christmas would be too long to wait for another one and Keith Brackstone offered to stage another one on a Monday night in July or August 2013.