Club Endurance Championship 2013 – End of March Positions

08 Apr

The March Championship update has now been uploaded to the website. I’ve now included championship age groups so you can sort by sex and age as well as look at the overall leaders. Below I have summarised the top three for each sex and also leaders in the age groups.

Things are starting to get more and more competitive and the Parkrun league in particular is looking strong with 72 times registered and an impressive 17.33 from Adam Kula-Przezwanski topping the table. The depth in this competition after only 3 months means that any new entries will need to break 26 minutes just to get into the points. As a side note we have two ever-presents for the 2013 Parkrun league, Emma Withers and Alison Engledew both having run all 12 events.

No race at the Pomphrey Sports 5k this month means that Matt, Torran and I are still hanging on at the top in that league with the times set on that windy night in January. With another seven races still to come and one of them being the mob match, I’d be surprised if we’re at the top with those times come the end of the year but I’m sure we’ll be watching carefully for the results of this months race to see if we can hang on for another month!

April is the last month before the one off races start with the Bristol 10k in May.
The scores on the doors at the end of March:

Leading Men
1              Simon T SMITH  170
2              Scott WATKINS 150
3              Greg CHANCE    145

Leading Women
17           Sarah Natasha EVERITT  74
18           Jessie Sanzo       65
23           Henrietta ANSTEY            53

Leading M40 is Andrew Malloy, M50 is David Engledew, M55 is David Bedwell, M60 is Carron Downer.
Leading F40 is Henrietta Anstey, F45 is Christine Burren (second to Sarah Everitt who leads overall), F50 is Tracey Allan.

A full list of scores can be found at

Pete Woodward reports.