Avon Track and Field League 2013

21 Mar

Information on the Avon Track and Field League 2013 is now available on this web-site in Downloads – Track and Field Competitions – Avon League at the following link http://www.bristolandwestac.org/display/ShowFiles?moduleId=5713328&directoryId=1893684&SSScrollPosition=0 .

There will be four fixtures as usual all will be held at Yate Outdoor Sports Centre on Sundays and the dates are Sunday 21st April 2013, Sunday 19th May 2013, Sunday 11th August 2013 and Sunday 8th September 2013. There are strict rules governing this league – which are not Open Meetings and the club is limited to 4 competitors per event. If you want to compete you need to be registered with the league – so please contact Hilary Nash and your age group Team Manager to ensure you are registered to compete and then let your Team Manager know in advance which events you would like to compete in. Any questions should be directed to Hilary Nash or Keith Brackstone in the first instance.