Avon Under-15 Sportshall Team at the South West Regional Championships

04 Mar

Torbay on Saturday 2nd March 2013 was another memorable occasion. The teams selected were very strong and on average a successful outcome was to be expected. So it proved simply because the athletes did perform and more consistently than the other teams.

Jonny Savill missed all bar his first event and an assuring X-Ray with advice was completed so that he was able to travel back on the coach. We trust the back pain will disappear and that he will soon be fit for rugby and the National Finals at the LG Arena on Sunday 7 April 2013.

This is the fifth consecutive year that the boys have qualified and the girls have achieved a similar pattern over the last three years.

As well as a team event the competition incorporates an Allrounder Event and six athletes each compete in three events. The outcome was really good with four athletes in the top three.

BOYS                                                Points                   GIRLS                                       Points

1st           Tomas Goodman              144                         2nd          Sophie Thomas       139

2nd          Cameron Thaws              143                         3rd           Ada’ora Chigbo       138

The medallist were support by:

5th           Ryan Fowler                    134                         4th           Shanique Pierre      133

9th=         Tom Wilkins                    128                         5th           Ella Falk                   126

21st=       Tinashe Ngundu               100                       6th=         Cecilie Anderson      124

                                                                                     10th         Pippa Reilly               119

In the individual events top three medal placings were achieved impressively with some regularity.

Sophie Thomas – 4 lap run 48.3   2nd=, Speed Bounce   94 1st , Vertical jump    54cm     5th

Ada’ora Chigbo – Shot Putt (3.25kg) 9.79m  1st , Standing Long Jump 2.26m 2nd

Shanique Pierre – Vertical Jump 66cms  1st

Ella Falk –  2 lap run  22.1 1st , Vertical Jump  56cms   3rd=

Cecilie Anderson – Speed Bounce   84 2nd

Tomas Goodman –   4 lap run 42.4 1st ,  Standing Triple Jump  7.90m  1st

Cameron Thaws   –  2 lap run 21.1 2nd = ,   Standing Long Jump 2.62m 1st ,     Shot Putt  10.33m    3rd

Ryan Fowler – Speed Bounce   82 2nd , Standing Long Jump 2.40 3rd

Sophie was within 1 of equalling her best at speed bounce in this competition and will be hoping for 96 or more in April. Ada’ora was within 17 cms of the shot putt best set back in 2005.

The team result takes the four best individual scores and adds the points from two relays. Kinnie Songu and Kai Smith played key roles in the 4 x 2 lap relays.

Cecilie and Shanique combined for the 8 lap paarlauf and won with something to spare. Tomas and Ryan had a much closer top quality race and triumphed.

The Girls Sophie, Ada’ora, Ella and Kinnie 4 x 2 lap team came 2nd by a very tiny margin. The boys fared better with a commanding run Tom, Kai, Tinashe and Cameron. 1st place is worth 70 points and 2nd 60 points.

This year support was given to the team by three reserves who travelled. Harvey Flower, Laura Statham and Caitlin Harrold. Reserves were able to do non scoring events. Unfortunately reserves cannot be used as substitutes for athletes who have to withdraw once they have competed an event.

Jade Simpson from Devon won the Allrounder and featured in the best Devon team since 2005. They matched Avon in the relays but lacked the consistency of our scoring quartet. Jade will take part in the National Finals as an individual.

In conclusion well done to everyone in the team and now we can all look forward to the finals.

Boys                                                                                      Girls

Avon                     685                                                         Avon                     666

Devon                   644                                                         Devon                   642

Gloucester          606                                                         Dorset                  545

Dorset                  508                                                         Gloucester          523

Thanks to Paula and Yemma Songu, Zoe Goodman and Simonne Lowrey who officiated and Simonne especially who accompanied Jonny to hospital.                                                                                                                                              

Hilary Nash – 3 March 2013