Individual Boy’s Results from Brecon Gwent League

03 Mar

The junior categories are still awaited on the Gwent league web-site but many thanks to Nicola Pearce for providing details of the boy’s finishing positions from yesterday‘s Gwent League final fixture at Brecon Leisure Centre


Nathan Marchant 12th

Stan Harding-Hill 24th

Robert Kiekuth 27th


Reuben Wilmshurst 12th

Kyle Haynes 13th

Anton Mills 14th

Luke Garner-Green 29th

Otis Harding-Hill 36th

Dylan Quibell 41st


Corey Haynes 3rd

Kieron Dunkley 9th

Billy Cochrane 11th

George Green 12th

Jack Flower 18th

Tom Krause 20th