Parkrun Report- Saturday 16th February 2013

17 Feb

Mist swirled ominously round Ashton Court. In Roger’s absence would the dogs appear? It was eerily silent with not a Westbury Harrier in sight. Even the hound of the Engledews failed to put in an appearance. All that could be heard was the panting of Bristol & West Runners vying for today’s bragging rights. If Keith had been there the cry of “great packing” would be heard ringing round. So six home in the first seven. That must be a record. Similarly, with the ladies with 3 home in the first 4 led by Tracy Allen. Simon Smith led our contingent home with Scott Watkins close behind. 800 metre star, Martin Flook recorded a course PB by 28 seconds along with Gregg Chance by 7 seconds, an improving Henrietta Anstey by 7 seconds, and just behind one of Young Dave Taylor’s protégé’s Eloise Brown, and this weeks performance of the week, a PB by 78 seconds for Kin Cheung (the next step will be to get Kin out at the Gwent League on 2nd March).

2 Simon SMITH 18:11 SM20-24
3 Scott WATKINS 18:27 SM30-34
4 Martin FLOOK 18:33 SM30-34 PB by 28 seconds!
18:49 SM25-29
19:04 SM35-39
19:12 SM30-34 PB by 7 seconds!
9 Colin TRAER
19:16 SM30-34
20:33 VM55-59 1st M55
21:20 VM55-59 2nd M55
Tracy ALLAN 21:35 VW50-54 2nd W
40 Carron DOWNER 21:38 VM60-64 2nd M60
41 Nick BROKER 21:41 SM25-29
48 Stuart O’CONNELL 22:00 JM15-19
52 Henrietta ANSTEY 22:25 VW40-44 3rd W PB by 7 seconds!
Eloise BROWN
22:27 4th W 1st JL
67 Jacob BUTTERLY 23:34 SM20-24
68 Graham GROUT 23:36 VM55-59
69 Alison ENGLEDEW 23:41 VW50-54
81 Kin CHEUNG 24:33 VW35-39 PB by 78 seconds!
84 Margaret SALTER 24:44 VW50-54
106 Emma WITHERS 25:59 VW45-49
113 Otto Felix
120 Karen Louise WATSON 26:41 VW45-49
147 Paul BURGESS 28:21 VM55-59
148 Christine BURREN 28:25 VW45-49
Kate Gould 31.00
Lizzy Elton-Walters 31.13
194 Debbie RIDDIFORD 33:32 VW50-54
221 Martin RIDDIFORD 36:38 VM55-59

There were 234 finishers not including those without a Parkrun Bar Code who have no finishing position.

Little Stoke Park Run

1 Huw Jones 18.13
7 Matt Brydon 19.33 U19 PB by 9 seconds!
16 Matt Price 20.53 Course PB by 61seconds!
28 Hayley Bennett 23.18 4th W PB by 2 seconds!
32 Hannah Dyer 23.32 5th W PB by 18 seconds!

Chris Elson reports in the absence of usual correpondent Roger Brocklesby.