Avon Sportshall Championships – Saturday 9th February 2013

12 Feb

The Avon Sportshall Championships were held at Bristol Grammar School on Saturday 9th February 2013 where teams were chosen to compete in the South-West Sportshall Championships. There were under-13 and under-15 competitions for both boys and girls and once again Bristol & West club athletes gave a good account of themselves.

In the under-13 girls Isabelle Parselle won the 6-lap race from Hannah Dyer. Isabelle also finished fourth in the shot with a putt of 6 metres 70 centimetres. Natasha Soodeen finished sixth in the 6-lap race before finishing third in the shot with a putt of 7 metres 30 centimetres.

In the under-15 girls club members Ella Falk, Kinnie Songu, Rownita Marston and Shanique Pierre produced good performances with Ella winning the 2-lap race, finishing third in the vertical jump and sixth in the 4-lap race. Kinnie finished fifth in the 2-lap race, third in the standing long jump and fourth (equal) in the speed bounce. Rownita was a clear winner of the shot with a putt of 10 metres. Shanique won the vertical jump with 58 centimetres, was second in the standing long jump with 2 metres 26 centimetres and was third in the 2-lap race in 25.4 seconds and in the 4-lap race in 56.5.

In the under-15 boys Tomas Goodman had a very busy morning winning the 2-lap and 4-lap races in 23.6 and 48.6 respectively. He won the standing triple jump with 7 metres 94 centimetres and was fourth in the standing long jump (2 metres 23 centimetres) and fourth in the shot putt (9 metres 60 centimetres).

Results of the top six athletes in each event and in each age group can be found at http://www.bristolandwestac.org/downloads/sportshall/

A big thank you to all the club members who volunteered to help Dave Turner at the event.