Bristol 10k – Sunday 5th May 2013

25 Jan

This is another quick reminder that the Bristol 10k is offering blocks of 20 club runners a 35% discount on the normal entry price of £22. If you are a full, competing member of Bristol & West Athletic Club then you can race the Bristol 10k for £14-30. To enter let Keith Brackstone know that you want to run (so far 28 club members have) provide him with a cheque (of those 28 14 have) and he will pay for your entry by sending a club cheque to FR sytems (who are the event administrators). Please make your cheque for £14-30 payable to Bristol & West Athletic Club. Once FR systems have been notified about you they will let you have a code number – you must then enter on line with your full details but when it gets to the part where you would normally enter your credit/debit card details you will instead enter a code number to show you have pre-paid. Last year we had 71 runners in the event – wouldn’t it be great to have over 100 runners this year and masses of white vests with that familiar red chest band. For further details contact Keith at .