Park Run – Saturday 19th January 2013

19 Jan

Due to the weather, the regular Ashton Court Parkrun was cancelled on Saturday 19th January 2013. This did not stop the intrepid, or should that be, just plain daft, runners completing, what is known in the vernacular as, freedom runs.

There were just two runners from Bristol & West AC, Colin Traer and Roger Brocklesby, but the mobile marshalling crew doing a sterling job was Team Engledew (Alison and Dave).

Conditions were, to say the least treacherous, particularly on the first hill, with the road being very icy, necessitating running on the verges, which were just starting to thaw. The north easterly wind came into its own after the turn on the plateau.

So what were the big plus points?

No queues at the café after the run.

A plateful of free chocolate brownies for the early customers at the café.

The opportunity to pose around and have your photograph taken.

Having a chat en route with runners coming the other way.

No messing around with barcodes.

The opportunity to get your dirty off-road shoes cleaned in the snow.

Roger Brocklesby reports (as usual). I award Roger Performance of the Week for both running it and reporting it (although I wasn’t there to use running in a club vest as a tie breaker). For those who are interested I ran to the top of Bridge Valley in case any of my athletes turned up for the session (it took me 40 minutes one way from the far side of Westbury-on-Trym). I then jogged around in circles for 10 minutes before deciding that yes I was the only one stupid enough to go there – still not everyday you get to see life-sized igloos (3 of them) on the Downs.

Keith Brackstone