Track & Field Bulletin – 9th January 2013

10 Jan

Well it is Wednesday now and Welsh Athletics seems to be settled on version 5 of the published results so let’s go with this as the basis of the results to use in a report?

For me the star of the proceedings was Anicia SKEATES.  She sparkled round the U17 200 metres in 26.7 to win by a full second then ran 8.0 to win her 60 metres before rounding off with a 4.79 Long Jump.  The long jump won her a gold medal but in both the 200 metres & 60 metres she had to settle for silver and bow to superior performances from Yate sprinter Emily WRIGHT who was devastatingly quick.  Also in the 200 metres Yemma SONGU showed well to take the bronze medal in 27.5 but sustained an injury which put her out of other events. 

Hannah DYER is better known for races up to 1,500 metres but she showed well in the U15 200 metres to win her heat in 28.9 seconds.  Nikki FORTUNE fought well to just be beaten to the line in 29.6 seconds.

Hannah went on to a real battle with a fast finishing Isabella PARSELLE in the 800 metres but Hannah just hung on in 2:42.2 to Isabella’s 2:42.4 seconds. 

Samantha BARRETT ran the third fastest ever by an U15 hurdler for B&W to take the gold medal in 10.3 seconds.  Sam looked smooth and should get close to Laura REED’s Club Record of 10.04 before the end of the indoor season.   Nikki FORTUNE (a first year U15) looked really good as well and won race 2 in 10.7 to once again improve her PB.  Nikki has another year to challenge that Club Record.

In the U13 group Imogen SHARMAN looked to be a really good hurdler clocking 11.9 seconds.  Come and join our hurdles group some time Imogen, you will enjoy it. 

Sam & Nikki also ran sound 60 metre sprints but the star U15 race was heat 4 where Kinnie SONGU powered through in 8.5 seconds; just holding off newcomer Lauryn-Alexi IPSON-FLEMMING by 0.1 second.  Isobella PARSELLE clocked a creditable 8.9 in race 2.

In the U13 sprints Tia JACKSON showed again the class that we know she has (don’t forget she is at the bottom of the age group) with a win in race 1 clocking 9.0 seconds.  Other times hear were Jessica FRAZER – 9.4; Isobel HARRIS – 9.6; Imogen SHARMAN 9.7 and Jessica PREWETT 9.9.  Tia also did 1.20 in the High Jump and 3.60 in the Long Jump where Jess FRAZER jumped 3.45 and Jess PREWETT 2.96.

Jess FRAZER also ran 32.0 and Issy HARRIS 33.0 for the 200m but due to the result mix up poor Issy was credited with a disillusioning 39.7 from the result posting during the meeting.  Don’t worry girls your proper times were very good and you can again hold your heads up high.

Refreshingly we produced a fine silver medal in the U17 Shot where Rownita MARSTON threw 9.69 metres.  That certainly is comforting as we look forward to the league competitions of the summer season.

In the boys events young Tomas GOODMAN U17 shone out with an outstanding and composed 200 metres winning run of 24.9 second.  Tomas also had a good 60 metre sprint of 7.6.

Kurt CAMERON U15 is resisting running and hurdling at the moment whilst he goes through a growing phase.  So Kurt turned to his alternatives by performing admirably in the field.  Kurt cleared 2.30 to take the gold in the Pole Vault and then went on to throw the Shot 6.72 metres.  This trip also opened his eyes to the fine facilities that exist for training and competition just across the water.

Matthew COLTON U13 is very short at the moment while he waits for his next growth surge.  He comes to me for hurdle training regularly and always surprises with his ability to make nothing of the height challenge that lies before him.  Matt came up with the goods again and went on to take fourth place in the SW Champs with a 12.6 clocking.  Keep at it Matt cos’ when you grow you are going to frighten a few of those who beat you now.  Matt also did the Long Jump recording 2.94    

We were pleased to welcome some new faces to B&W colours in the U13 ranks: – Mason HALL; Jude KITCHENER & Ruben FINLAY. Ruben showed exceptional sprinting ability in his only event the 60 metres where he clocked 8.8 seconds to take the gold medal.  Jude and Mason tried diverse events as young athletes do when they first get introduced to the sport.  Jude went for:- 60metres – 10.1; 200 metres – 32.7 and long jump – 3.17 metres and Mason 200 metres – 32.6; 1,500 metres – 6:07.5 and long jump – 3.29metres. They took bronze and silver medals respectively in the 200 metres.

So despite the result crisis it was a great day for B&W where a great deal of team spirit shone through and success was shown in the performances.  It was frustrating for those who gathered at the presentation point only to find that they were being relegated out of Medal positions even as they stood there but look on the bright side it was all worth the day out at a first rate athletics facility.

One extra thing after chatting to Greg SMITH I am now aware that his blocks slipped badly in his main 60 metres race at Eton on Sunday and thus he then was seeded badly in his subsequent race so this accounts for less than desired times.  It happens.

Mike Strange – 9 January 2013