Whitehall Christmas Handicap – Monday 17th December 2012

29 Nov

As part of the usual Monday Whitehall Running Session led by Keith Brackstone and Chris Elson, the session on Monday 17th December 2012 will include a 5k handicap. The Monday night will follow the usual 3 laps of the track jog warm-up followed by drills. After this anyone who wants to compete can grab a number and jog down to the start. There will be the odd prize but generally it is a fun event.

Please enter beforehand – entering is very simple – let Chris or Keith know that you want to run in the handicap and let them have your estimated time for the measured 5k along an out and back route on the Bristol-Bath Cycle track.  So an example of how it works. Steve Mitchell enters and can run 15 minutes 0 seconds, Chris Elson enters and can run 25 minutes 0 seconds, Keith Brackstone enters and can run 20 minutes 0 seconds. The slowest runner (sorry Chris) is Chris; he is ‘scratch’ and starts first. Keith then starts 5 minutes behind Chris (he has a 5 minute handicap) and Steve starts off last 5 minutes behind Keith and 10 minutes behind Chris. If the handicapper is accurate and they all run to form they should cross the line at the same time.

Handicaps can get very serious but are also a lot of fun – so please enter – with your estimated time – these will be scrutinised by Chris and Keith to ensure there are no ringers.