Club Membership Fees Increased

The Club Committee responded to the hike in England Athletics Registration Fees from £5 for all to £10 for off track runners, £15 for under-17 track competitors and £20 for senior track competitors by increasing the club annual subscriptions at its meeting on Friday 5th October 2012. The revised membership fees are as follows:

a. Competing members aged 17 and over as at 1st January and in full-time employment – £40.

b. Members under 17 on 1st January, students in full-time education and unemployed members – £30.

c. Second child – £25, third child –  £15, fourth child – free.

d. Non-competing members and second claim members – £10.

Senior members will be expected to pay £5 towards the price of a club vest (actual cost price is £15), junior members will still be issued with a free vest.

The Application for for membership can be downloaded from:

The new rates come into immediate effect but new joiners between now and 31st December 2012 will have their membership valid until 31st December 2013.

Minutes from the Committee Meeting will be posted on the web-site later in the week.