Women’s Only Fund-Raiser in Thornbury – Saturday 6th October 2012

23 Jul

Club Member (and Web Master) Mike Taylor recently became involved with the Meningitis Research Foundation (MRF) as Head of Fundraising, and MRF are running an event on 6th October 2012 called GI Jane – an “assault course” day for women only, near Thornbury. The charity is based in Thornbury – so it’s a local effort. The event can be found on the MRF website at http://bit.ly/GI-Jane. It promises to be great fun, especially for groups of friends. A flyer for the event can be seen at:


Meningitis is dreadful, and MRF continues to play an important role in fighting the disease, with great success over the past 15 years, although there is still a great deal to do. Please log on to their web-site, find out more about the event and, hopefully, sign up to take part.