British Athletic League – Campaign for Promotion

02 Jul

“A great result last Saturday by a great team. Thank you all for making us feel proud. We had some outstanding individual performances but even more impressive was the way everybody helped the overall team effort by competing outside their best events. Congratulations and enjoy the feeling of being part of a winning team – again.

Our next match is at Bournemouth on Saturday, July 28. At the half way stage we have 12 match points; Reading has 10 and Nene Valley 8. We need to win and at least finish second in one of the next two matches to become National Division 4 champions and be promoted into National 3 next season. We can only do this if you can continue to support the team and we get those athletes who missed last Saturday to return to the team at Bournemouth and then Windsor on August 18.”

So says Club Chairman and Senior Men’s Team Manager Cy Knibb. Please let Cy know, in the next few days, your availability for July 28 and August 18 so that he can start planning the critical second half of our campaign to gain you and Bristol the success we deserve in national track and field competition.

Cy’s rallying call: “Together we can do this.”