Club of the Year Award- More Information

The Club Blog has already reported on the inaugural West of England Celebration of Sport Evening on 23rd May 2012 at the Bristol Royal Marriott Hotel where Bristol & West Athletic Club won West of England ‘Club of the Year’ and Chris Elson won ‘Participation Coach of the Year’. There was a photographer at the event and Wesport are pleased to announce that the photos are now available on the following link:

If you find a picture you wish to ‘download’ please click the option ‘Actions’ in the menu bar and then click download from the drop down list. These are free to use images so please go ahead and download the ones you want.

Wesport were also filming the event and taking interviews with the award winners and award sponsors. These will be available to view and share via the Wesport YouTube channel which you can access via this link: Please keep an eye this site as videos are being added on a regular basis. Please feel free to share any of these videos.

A roundup of the evening is also available if you visit