Avon Track & Field League – Sunday 10th June 2012

01 Jun

The Avon Track & Field League second round match using timetable “B” is at Yate Outdoor Sports Centre on Sunday 10th June 2012.

SENIOR and UNDER 20 Athletes

Senior and Under 20 athletes wishing to compete should check on the Club website that they are listed amongst the registered competitors. If not registered they should contact Hilary Nash by 6pm on Friday 8th June at the very latest so that the register can be updated.

The “Senior” team manager David Taylor should be contacted so that we may know who wishes to compete. There is a restriction on the number of competitors for each event and every club is under pressure to strictly comply. Athletes are already asking for the popular team slots so do react quickly.


Field Events

Cy Knibb has agreed to be our lead field judge for:

U13G/U15G    Discus at 12.00

U13G/U15G     Shot     at   2.30; and

U17W/SW        Discus at   3.10

Please may we have volunteers to assist with some or all of these field events. Discus +4 and shot +3 would be sufficient. The officials assemble 15 minutes before the stated time to supervise warm up activity.

Timekeeping    A timekeeper or people to share the task from 12.00 to 5.15. Stop watches are available if you do not have one.

Track Judging   As for timekeeping a track judge or people to share the task from 12.00 to 5.15

Keith Brackstone has also agreed to officiate but clearly many more are still needed.

At the first meeting on 15th April we more than fulfilled our allocated tasks. Without Pete Davenport, Andrea Lock and a group of students the track recording could have been a disaster area. The field judging teams were well staffed.

The committee is looking for someone to take on the coordinating role to organise “officials” for the four Avon Track & Field League meetings each year. That is just our club’s official’s support. By default this still comes back to team managers who should not be expected to multi task before and on the day.

On this occasion do contact Hilary Nash and let him know in what capacity you will be able to “officiate” 0117 9861244 or 0787 5560754 or hilarygnash@blueyonder.co.uk.

On the 10th June 2012 Hilary will be solely a team manager along with David Taylor, Paula Songu and Dean Garrett.