Ashton Court Parkrun Results – Saturday 26th May 2012

26 May

Saturday 26th May 2012 saw a return to the normal level of club support at the Ashton Court Parkrun with eighteen runners taking part. Tom Morris and Robin Dallman were first and second overall. They have both had first position twice each in the last 4 Parkruns.

Sarah Everitt completed a successful week by achieving another PB with an age category ranking of 75.94%. 80% can’t be too far away.

It was good to see three Ashton Court debuts by Nikki Arthur, Denica Arthur and Suzanne Dyer. Nikki and Denica were obviously not put off by the trip to Cardiff. Suzanne went straight into Ashton Court without an easier parkrun.


Tom Morris                    17:27    New PB. 2 second improvement.  1st overall

Robin Dallman               17:44    New PB. 5 second improvement.  2nd overall

Gary Jennings               20:49

Sarah Everitt                  20:55    2nd lady. 1st VW45-49. New PB.14 second improvement

Andrew Malloy               21:12    1st SM 35-39

Carron Downer               21:42    1st VM 60-64

Alex Leitch                    22:29

Helen Brookes               23:39   

Rikki Porter                   23:45

Becci Colquhoun            23:57

Diana Kennedy              24:00    1st SW 30-34

Roger Brocklesby          25:06

Emma Withers              25:14    1st VW 40-44

Noel Arthur                    26:01

Alison Engledew            27:26

Andrew Butterly             27:35

Denica Arthur                31:13    1st Ashton Court Parkrun

Nikki Arthur                   31:22    1st Ashton Court Parkrun

Suzanne Dyer                32:25    1st ever Parkrun


Sue Campbell

Colin Traer

I’ve included the volunteers in the report this week. It is good to see club members volunteering on a regular basis. Regular runners are encouraged to volunteer at least three times per year – and it is good fun. To volunteer, please email Geoff at and offer your services.

Roger Brocklesby Reports.