Results from Abingdon National Young Athletes’ League – 20th May 2012

25 May

Congratulation to Team Manager Simonne Lowrey. The under-13 boys who travelled to Abingdon competed in all the available events. If only this could be so for all age groups!

The under-13 boys contributed the greatest points tally to the team score. Kurt Cameron won both the long jump and the shot put events and Hugh Sadler with the pick of the boys performances won the 1,500 metres. Newcomers Tom Jones, Matthew Colton and Dontae Edmondson made their mark with Dontae coming 2ndin the 200m and 3rd in the 100 metres. Tom won the “B” shot put. Matthew persisted to complete a 1,500 metre run.  Kyle Haynes and Anton Mills teamed up to do both the high jump and 800 metres. Anton was 3rd in the 800 metres “A” string and Kyle won the “B” string.

Corey Haynes won the under-15 Boy’s 800 metres impressively achieving a fine time. Tomas Goodman ran a very quick 300 metres and was just outpaced by an excellent Cardiff athlete. Tom Holloway on his NYAL debut won the “B” 300 metres. Olly Mehew was 3rd in the 100 metres and 200 metres. Cameron Thaws won the “B” 200 metres and showed his promise in shot and discus.

Freddie Owsley won the under-17 Men’s 400 metres just a little slower than his run at the County Championships.

The under-13 girls, all four of them, scored almost one fifth of the teams points. That is ignoring the points gained by officials. Hannah Dyer, Nicola Fortune, Isabella Parselle and Millie Weeks all competed in three individual events and were the winning quartet in the 4 x 100 metres relay. Isabella won the 75 metres race but was not quite able to close down the leader in the 150 metres and finished a close second. Hannah gave high jump a go and now has the best clearance for club under-13s this year .Hannah was our only distance runner and was 4th in the 800 metres.

Harriet Kieran and Erin Whalen both cleared 1.80 metres in the pole vault finishing 2nd “A” and “B” respectively. They did almost as well in the discus with 2nd “B” and 3rd “A”.  Jessica Monk and Evie Parker –Yarrow filled the 800 metre slots and both ran well finishing 4th “A” and “B”. Kinnie Songu gained 2nd in the “B” 100 metres and 3rd in the “B” 200 metres whilst Ella Falk ran as well in the “A” string. Sam Barrett set a new PB in the 75 metre hurdles.

Impending examinations depleted the under-17 ladies but Yemma Songu won the 100 metres closely followed by a Cardiff athlete and they swapped place in the 200 metres. Alyssa Small was 2nd in the “B” 100 metres and Joanna Taylor ran well to finish 3rd in the 800 metres.

We may go into the final fixture at Cardiff on the 17th June 2012 when only a win would take us off the bottom of the Division. It has been good to have the support of the athletes who have competed so far. On the other hand quite a number have not been available for a variety of reasons. Some are fully justified but the team needs people willing to turn out and do their best. You may be the slowest, not jump or throw too well but you may the best in the club. Look at the results and see the gaps we had at Abingdon. In many events when there is no other “B” string competitor any performance will gain good team points. Cardiff is not far away and a more positive response in support of coaches and team managers is desired.  Please be available as we would like to see how we do against the other clubs when we match them for numbers.

Full details of Bristol & West resulats are available at:

Hilary Nash

23 May 2012