More London Marathon News

23 Apr

Apologies to Charlotte Green between making the notes and writing the piece for the blog I somehow missed her off so now she gets star billing with a 20-minute PB and finishing 3,220th and 323rd woman in 3:20:28. Other news filtering back is that Neil Scholes was 5474th in 3:35:26 (1:38:38 at half way). Beth Scholes was 7,365th in 3:45:40 (1:45:09 at half way). Stuart Price took 4:04:57 and came home 12,196th after passing half-way in 2:00:31 – thanks to Emma Bowers for the additional information – I didn’t fancy trying to find the result based on – you know Stuart the Welsh bloke – on the London Marathon web-site. Richard Hobby has emailed to explain his ‘did not finish’ – apparently between miles 1 and 2 he fell over a sleeping policeman whilst looking at his watch and although not feeling too bad at the time – although a little bloodied – as the race wore on his hip stiffened up to the point where he could no longer run – tough luck Richard better luck next time out.