Volunteers Needed to Help with Kenyan Pre-Olympics Training Camp

20 Apr

The Kenyan Olympic Team will be based at the University of the West of England and South Gloucestershire and Stroud (formerly Filton) College WISE Campus for the period from Monday 2nd July to Monday 16th July 2012, prior to entering the Olympic Village in London. Bristol & West Athletic Club will be coordinating volunteers to help support the Kenyan Athletics Team during their actual training sessions at the Kip Keino Stadium during this period and anyone who is interested in volunteering to help is asked to contact Keith Brackstone, Club Development Adviser at keithatrvp@blueyonder.co.uk in the first instance. In due course a formal volunteer selection process will be arranged through Wesport. Further details will be released as soon as they are known but volunteers will be needed to look after the equipment at the Athletic Stadium, act as stewards to ensure that members of the public do not interfere with training when it is in progress and to act as a general interface between the athletes, coaches and team support from the Kenyan delegation and their hosts at the College. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity for anyone with an interest in athletics. Volunteers must be over the age of sixteen.