Whitehall Runners Group Continues to Grow

24 Feb

We have now hit 175 on the Whitehall Recreational Runners mailing list and of those there are around 30 members who turn out regularly on Monday nights with group numbers up around 45 per Monday session when those who come slightly less regularly are added. The session plan for the faster group for March 2012 is now on the club web-site. Last month when I posted February’s sessions one of the group commented about how demanding the schedule was – so I thought a point of clarification might be in order this month.

Chris Elson and I would like everyone who comes to our sessions to progress – and we have no intention of injuring you in the process – the key to progression is consistency of training. The session/race plan is a menu (dare I say for the gourmet) and the real glutton can choose everything off the menu if they so wish. However (keeping the analogy going) anyone who wants to pop in for a quick snack is welcome and you will note that there are no times set – so you can run at your own pace.  If you happen to be on a diet then eat (run) sensibly. The same is true of the races – some experienced runners might run most of them – some athletes might run only one race in the month but they are all on the plan so runners can put their sessions into a racing context.

These ideas will be expanded on in our Introduction to 10k Racing Event on Sunday 4th March 2102 at Whitehall Athletics Arena (between 10.45 a.m. and 2.00 p.m. approximately). Obviously we can’t fit 175 of you into the Tea Room at Whitehall – so if you want to come please let either Chris or me know – so far I have had 16 sign-ups. Also if you have any burning running-related questions that you would like answered on the day pre-warn Chris or me and we will do our best to cover the topic on the day.

Keith Brackstone