Parkrun Results – 31 December 2011

03 Jan

With Chris Elson away it fell to fellow Whitehall Monday night coach Keith Brackstone to act as Encourager-in-Chief to the 16 runners from the Whitehall Recreational Runners Group who competed in the Ashton Court Parkrun on Saturday 31 December 2011 as the group finished its first year in style with a good turn-out on New Year’s Eve. Despite the unfavourable conditions there were still PBs from Mo Osman, Helen Brookes and Seamus McCann. Mo and Helen have graduated from the Whitehall sessions to Chris’ Tuesday and Thursday group at Coombe Dingle – the University of Bristol playing fields. There was some keen competition within the group at around 23 minutes 30 seconds with four from Whitehall finishing in six places. There were 118 finishers. Individual results are as follows:

7          Richard Lowe                        19:18

17        Peter Gandon                        20:41

21        Mo Osman                             20:51  PB

25        Gary Jennings                       21:05

36        Carron Downer                      22:31

39        Tom Burgess                         22:54

40        Helen Brookes                      23:01  PB

44        Paul Noyce                            23:22

47        Jacob Butterly                        23:27

48        Sarah Everitt                          23:30

49        Dave Engledew                     23:35

59        Rebecca Colquhoun 25:32

63        Noel Arthur                             26:06

68        Alison Engledew                   26:53

105     Andrew Butterly                     32:08

106     Seamus McCann                  32:17 

Just about to enter its second year (on 10th January) the Whitehall Recreational Runners Group has provided a great new source of athletes for the club with a great social feel at training and races and Keith and Chris look forward to developing members of the group further in 2012 when many of the group will be looking to race more regularly and improve their PBs over longer distances. So lets see if we can get more than 16 athletes out to the first Parkrun of 2012 on Saturday 7 January 2012.