Letter from Sweden

06 Dec

Below is an extract from a letter from a former club member – Johan Faskunger – to Mike Down – which might be of interest to those of you who were competing in the 1996-2001 era:

Hi Mike,

Greetings from Sweden! Hope all is well with you.

I checked the web for information about the six stage & twelve stage road relays in Sutton Park, Birmingham (we would like to start up something similar in Sweden) and guess what…found some familiar characters from the past…Rob Whalley, Martin Hula and you of course! Still going strong! Please send my greetings to them. Any of the girls from the past still training with Bristol?

I’m involved in athletics a little bit, mainly in coaching a few young athletes where I live, south of Stockholm. Trying to run a little…but struggling to break 36 minutes nowadays…  I work as a consultant within the field of community planning and physical activity nowadays, mainly writing reports and giving lectures on the subject around Sweden.

Spoke to Sven in Norway a few weeks ago. He’s still doing a lot of running, competing in the international champs for veterans and stuff. Doing around 31 min for the 10 km.

James Fitzsimmons is visiting me occasionally. He’s mainly here with work, but last year we did the Vasaloppet cross-country skiing…90 km between Sälen and Mora in Sweden. He did very well considering his lack of experience, finishing in 8 hours 35 minutes. I did 5.26, but could have done better if it wasn’t for the fractured wrist I suffered with 37 km to go…

Please send my greetings to people that were around in 1996-2001. I would like to visit Bristol again (I haven’t been back since my graduation in 2001). Hopefully that will happen within a year or two.

Yours in running,

Johan Faskunger