Avon League Results

09 Aug
The results of the Avon League held on Sunday 31 July 2011 at Yate Outdoor Sports Centre are available at  Downloads – Race Results and Rankings – Avon League Results. In summary it looks like an encouraging turn out. However, remembering the dominance the club used to have it is time to start filling the team slots. North Somerset AC won all sections except for the U17s.
Our aim is not necessarily to win but to encourage all members to use the league for their athletic enjoyment. Yet again the standard is very variable from people filling slots for the team to outstanding performances.
Check out the programme for 21st August and 11 September at Downloads – Track and Field Competitions – Avon League. Be there and enjoy some friendly rivalry.
Check your name is on the registered list at Downloads – Track and Field Competitions – Avon League and if not alert Hilary Nash by 6pm on the previous Friday to make sure you have a registered competitor number. Hilary can be contacted at hilarygnash@blueyonder.co.uk or on 0117 9861244  or text at 0787 5560754.
The Avon League is not an open event where athletes can turn up and expect to compete because pre registration is now being rigidly applied. The recording system is complex and substantial for a very busy programme. Do remember we are restricted, like all other clubs, to four people per event.