Hay Hill Raiser

08 Aug

This race is being run for the third time on Sunday 4th of September starting at 11.00am. The race route is 11.3 miles and although somewhat hilly is a lovely road race with wonderful views of the Black Mountains, finishing with a fast downhill. Further details are available at Downloads – Race Details and Entry Forms – Hay Hill Raiser and race application forms are on www.hayhotfooters.co.uk . The Race Headquarters are based at Hay Primary School, which is situated next to Hay-on-Wye’s main car park in the centre of the town. Hay-on-Wye is famous for books and its annual Literary Festival and so has a wealth of book shops.  It also has a wide array of craft, antique and clothes shops, pubs and restaurants etc. that are all open on Sundays. Ideal therefore for race runners with their friends and families to visit for the day or weekend.