Sub-4 Mile Eludes Steve Mitchell – just

04 Aug

The Second Ann Hill Memorial Mile was held at Cwmbran Stadium on 3rd August 2011 and James Thie set up an attempt to see the first sub-4 minute mile in the Principality for 22 years. He and Chris Moss shared pace-making duties for the first 800 metres in exactly two minutes before James ran a third sixty second lap to reach the bell in three minutes – the field had already split by then and at the bell it was a Bristol & West 1-2 with Steve leading Dave Bishop. Urged on by the crowd Steve battled the clock but despite a brave effort the clock prevailed with Steve thirteen hundredths of a second outside the magical barrier. Behind him Dave Bishop completed his warm up for the World University Games with second place – both athletes well clear of third placed Adam Bitchell.

The full results are:
1 Steve MITCHELL (SM – Bristol & West) 4:00.13
2 Dave BISHOP (SM – Bristol & West) 4:04.36
3 Adam BITCHELL (SM) 4:06.91
4 Steve DAVIES (SM) 4:07.55
5 Chris DISCOMBE (SM) 4:17.85
6 Ieuan THOMAS (SM) 4:19.64
7 John PETERS (SM) 4:21.66
8 Chris PROTHERO (SM) 4:24.66
9 David BANWELL-CLODE (U20) 4:24.84

Full coverage of the race is available at