NJAL Results from Yate

02 Aug
Scott Bajere’s late decision to run in the NJAL at Yate on Sunday 24 July 2011 meant that he ran as a guest. Otherwise he may well have won the male Athlete of the Match award for his legal 100m of 10.79. What a differences a day makes and he certainly went home pleased with his excellent performance.
Alyssa Small recorded the fastest time by a Team Avon athlete this season in the 100m 13.07. If anything should boost her confidence and self esteem this should!
Vanessa Brann had a busy day making a terrific effort to travel from Ross-on-Wye. A distance runner who recorded Team Avon’s only 3,000m time for the season. Vanessa likes to keep busy and enjoyed guesting in the long and triple jump.
Luke Bailey did the high jump, missed the javelin and then a fellow competitor totally sabotaged the pole vault competition by breaking the bar support on one of the stands. The event was abandoned and the points shared.
James Taylor won the “B” discus 34.56 and was second in the shot 11.85m and long jump 5.70m.
Bella Hatch having successfully cleared 3.00m on Saturday no heighted at 2.80. At least she may now possibly be included in the team for the promotion match on the 28th August at Derby.
Alyta Norman made her league debut winning the “B” javelin with 25.09m.
Alice Grosjean who competes for Bristol & West as a higher claim athlete won the discus with 34.96m and was second in the shot putt with 9.55m.
Lucy Bryan and Leon Reid who competed with superb performances earlier in the season feature as best performers in PV (no surprise!) 100m and relay respectively.
Chris Stone made his first appearance running as a guest in the 100m recording 11.82secs wind speed 1.8m/s in actually winning the “B” race.
Overall the Team Avon have achieved the first target of reaching the promotion match. The next step is to finish in the top two places and gain promotion to the Premier Division.
From a Bristol & West perspective the athletes who have represented B&W within the team have performed very creditably. The big disappointment is that eligible members have not taken the opportunity to compete. There may be two team scoring slots but throughout guest places have been unlimited. Athletes do not have to be at peak fitness to take part and should use the league to test their fitness and compete accordingly. Athletes have missed out not only on competition but the comradeship and team spirit.
This season has been a winning pattern but to make progress it does need athletes to continue or come on board and support the venture.
Hilary Nash