Ali Hurford Group Instructions

24 Jul

Ali’s Group – Holiday Training Arrangements 

Alison Hurford will be away from Friday 29th July and return on Sunday 14th August 2011.  Training will resume on Monday 15th August 6pm at the Gorilla, outside Bristol Zoo. 

Training Venues & Contacts while Ali is away 

Mondays 7pm Whitehall track: contact Chris Elson 0117-9733391 

Tuesdays & Thursdays 7pm Coombe Dingle Sports Complex: meet in front of the cricket pavilion.  Contact Chris Elson (0117-9733391) or Dave Bedwell 07752 626756. 

Saturdays 10am Ashton Court: ring around and form a group. 

Track Races please try and support the club 

Sunday 31st July 2011Avon League Yate.

Wednesday 3rd August 2011 – Kip Keino Athletic Stadium Stoke Gifford. 

Contact Simone Lowery 07868-732158