Avon League Meeting – Yate Sunday 12th June 2011

15 Jun
F U13 1500m 8 Alex Hayhurst 06:02.3   06:02.3
F U13 HJ 8 Samantha Barrett 1.10   1.10
F U13 HJ 11 Nicola Fortune 1.05   1.05
F U13 70mH 2 Ella Falk 13.40   13.40
F U13 70mH 4= Millie  Weeks 14.10   14.10
M U13 75mH 2 Kurt Cameron 14.50   14.50
M U13 75mH 6 Jonny Shine 16.00   16.00
M U17 LJ 6 Chris Stone 4.04   4.04
M SM 3000m 4 Jeremy Hogan 10:20.6   10:20.6

The above are the results of Bristol & West members at the meeting held at Yate on Sunday.   We feared the 5th was going to be unpleasant at Stoke Gifford for the NYAL meeting but Sunday at Yate confirmed the forecast fears.  Wet and getting wetter, breezy and pretty cool.   The starters were very bedraggled, cold and wet by the end of the 1,500m races. The meeting – after consulting with team managers – was called off.   Some club representatives are a little put out having made the effort to turn out teams. Others are more realistic in that officials were not fit to continue and conditions were getting hazardous for the athletes.   I think we have reached the stage of individual performances actually achieved are valid but event points will be disregarded and team positions will only be decided on the three remaining fixtures.   Thanks to our officials who braved the elements. Martin  Davies, Chris Preston, Cy Knibb, Andrea Lock and Violet Small who gave her new waterproofs a testing. I had the dubious pleasure of timekeeping from under the stand. it was worrying that Andrea ended up as Chief Track Judge and a number of clubs did not provide their requisite officials.  Unless a club has hosting responsibility it should provide a track judge, a timekeeper and a field judging team.   Despite the abandonment it was good to see a greater B&W numerical presence than last year.  

Hilary Nash reports.