Bristol and West Athletes Contribute to Team Avon Win in NJAL in Cardiff on 29th May 2011

31 May
DT 3A James Taylor 36.51
HJ 3B Luke Bailey 1.60
JT 3A James Taylor 33.64
JT 2B Luke Bailey 31.14
LJ 2A James Taylor 6.06
PV 1A Luke Bailey 4.20
PV 1B James Taylor 3.60
PV 1 Lucy Bryan 3.70
HJ 1B Lucy Bryan 1.55
800m G Olivia Sadler 2:14.88
800m G Miranda Sadler 2:14.94
100H 1B Joan Pangop 19.30
TJ G Joan Pangop 8.05
The above performances contributed to the second successive win for the Team Avon composite team. six competing athletes supported by three club officials ( Mike Strange, Bill Kingston and Hilary Nash ).
The match result was:
Team Avon                           537
South & East Wales             477
Cheltenham                         465.5
Plymouth & Cornwall           369.5
The League standing after two matches is:
Team Avon                            1123            16
Cheltenham                           960.5          13
South & East Wales               836             12
Plymouth & Cornwall             770.5          11
Whilst I am delighted with the members who travelled to Cardiff I am disappointed with the support by the many members who are eligible to compete.  Whilst some will have had good reason not to travel the overall list of those not available for the ladies was pretty extensive. I am sure there are quite a number who have not yet put themselves forward for selection or even expressed a desire to compete as a guest if not automatically selected.
The momentum is on to have further good competition in this league and experience a very competitive promotion match in August. The future beckons to experience good league competition where full team sheets are the norm.
My plea to athletes and their coaches is get stuck into the next two meetings in July at Cheltenham and Yate. Look at the performances on the website. In order to compete you should complete an availability form and submit it to the appropriate team manager.
Cheltenham are aiming to win on home turf so stir yourselves and make sure you are part of a winning Team Avon.
Hilary Nash reports.