Inaugural Bristol Parkrun – Ashton Court – Saturday 23rd April 2011

22 Apr
After two successful trial events, the inaugural Ashton Court parkrun takes place this Saturday 23rd April 2011 at 9.00 am. The organisers hope parkrun will make a significant contribution to the Bristol running scene, complementing runbristol, local running clubs and other initiatives. 
There are currently over 350 people registered for Ashton Court as their home run, so it seems likely that Bristol will be able to sustain additional parkrun events before long. Hopefully more organisers will come forward to draw on the experience of the organisers at Ashton Court.
Full information is on the parkrun website at , or email with any queries. Parkrun are also on Facebook and Twitter.
There is a strong pool of volunteers, but the organisers are still looking for more people so that they don’t have to call on anyone too often.  Please spread the word and encourage anyone who’s interested in volunteering to email parkrun at