Lucy Macalister second woman in Brighton Marathon – 10th April 2011

12 Apr

Organisers Tim Hutchings and Richard Nerurkar will probably have been disappointed at the times posted at the Brighton Marathon this weekend but it will no doubt take time for them to rival London and they are certainly looking to promote British Marathon running. The key result from the Bristol & West perspective was Lucy Macalister’s second place in 2.40.34 behind women’s race winner Alyson Dixon in 2.34.51. What will probably have surprised both women was that they finished ninth and twelfth respectively in the race. I haven’t spoken to Lucy yet but given her recent performances at the Bath and Hastings Half-Marathons I anticipate that she would have been hoping for a quicker time.

In the men’s race Dan Robinson (Stroud) was the first British finisher in 2.19.11 in fourth place behind three Africans. The race winner was Philemon Kiprop-Boit in 2.16.07 – so none of the times were particularly quick and the home runners were probably affected by the sudden warm weather.