Coaching Courses at Filton College WISE Campus

11 Apr

The following courses are scheduled for the weekend of May 21st / 22nd at Filton College (WISE Campus):

Athletics Coach (MC0286)
Coach in Running Fitness (MC0287)

Please note that if you wish to coach athletes in the longer Track races or on Steeplechase you will need the first of these courses: the second does not cover you for working on a track! (Does the first cover you for advising someome who is partially or totally a road runner? Sorry, don’t know).

For either course, you need to be available for a third day on Saturday 16th July, plus an assessment day on Saturday 16th October.

The closing date for both courses is Monday 9th May 2011. If you are interested in signing up for either course then please contact the Club Development Adviser, Keith Brackstone, at as the club might be able to assist with the course fee.