Club’s Final Push towards ClubMark Accreditation

23 Mar

You may or may not be aware that Bristol & West AC has been working towards obtaining ClubMark accreditation since 2007. ClubMark is an accreditation process similar to an NVQ which helps clubs in all fields of sport to establish and deliver best practice.

Background Information

ClubMark was introduced in 2002 by Sport England to:

  • Ensure that participant clubs apply core common criteria to ensure that consistent good practice and minimum operating standards are delivered through all club development and accreditation schemes.
  • Empower parent(s)/carer(s) when choosing a club for their children.
  • Provide a focus around which all organisations involved in sport can come together to support good practice in sports clubs working with children and young people.
  • ClubMark accreditation is awarded to clubs that comply with minimum operating standards in four areas:
    • Club Management.
    • Duty of Care and Welfare.
    • Sports Equity and Ethics.
    • The Coaching and Competition  Programme.

Benefits of ClubMark

As a single national standard ClubMark gives sports clubs of all types structure and direction. Clubs awarded ClubMark have seen tangible benefits such as:

  • Club Development – The foundation for any club is its youth structure. By encouraging and attracting young members the club is building a strong future.
  • Increased Membership – Addressing issues like equity and child protection gives parents confidence when choosing a club for their children.
  • Developing coaches, officials and other volunteers – As part of ClubMark, clubs receive help in developing the skills of those involved in their organisations.
  • Raised profile – Once ClubMark accredited, clubs are listed on a national database and in other directories that will help them to grow.
  • Improved Access to Funding – Once committed to delivering ClubMark clubs can seek funding from bodies such as Access Sport to help develop the club.

What this Means

Nicky Curtis took the lead on this project for the club back in 2007. The impending closure of Whitchurch track and the need to focus on the transfer to Whitehall means that ClubMark was held in abeyance whilst we worked out how we would operate from our new home. Now that the club is settling into operations at Whitehall Athletics Arena the time is right for the final push to achieve ClubMark accreditation. I am rapidly updating information on all aspects of the club from who the members are, to who are the qualified first aiders, who are coaches and what qualifications they hold, through to information on what coaching is available and where and when, what competitions is the club planning to hold or enter and what links does the club have with other organisations. I have put this article on the web blog so that everyone associated with the club is aware that this work is in progress as every club member could be asked to provide information or assist with the process. Hopefully the above will have explained what ClubMark is about and how achieving ClubMark accreditation will benefit the club. In the meantime if you require any further information about ClubMark – or any other aspect of the Club’s activities – then please contact me (Keith Brackstone – Club Development Adviser) by email at or on 07999-511366.