Team Bath Indoor Results – 11 December 2010

11 Dec
Teambath Indoor Results    11 December 2010      
Theo Campbell          U20 3rd 7.40 2nd 7.29    
Ross Shipway     U17 5th 8.69        
Jack Dyer    U15 2nd 7.91 3rd 7.84    
Thomas Goodman 3rd 8.47 6th 8.57    
HIGH JUMP            
Ross Shipway   U17 5th 1.30      ( low starting height group) 9th overall
Pole Vault            
Isabel Hatch   U17 1st 3.02      ( low starting height group) 2nd overall
Lucy Bryan     U17 1st 4.02        
Luke Bailey    U20 1st 4.32        
Triple Jump Women Senior            
Nicola Breaks 1st 11.03        

    Excellent performances from the pole vaulters who were well supported by Neil Winter and parents.   Jack Dyer and Tomas Goodman qualified for the U15 60m final as 4th and 6th fastest. Jack ran quicker in the final from lane 1. Tomas did not start quite as well in the final and was a fraction slower.   Ross arrived just in time for his 60m heat and ran well considering he had no time to warm up.