Chris Elson’s Training Group – Details for Two Weeks commencing 12th October

10 Oct

Tuesday 12th October

Meet at the South end of the cricket pavilion near the big tree (Coombe Dingle Sports complex, off Coombe Lane, Stoke Bishop). Please make sure you have white or fluorescent tops.

With the road relays on the Saturday in mind, the session is 3 X 1.06 miles rec 200m slow jog on the road.

Be ready to jog the mile to the start by 7.05, (7.00 on the pavilion clock).   I’ll take my car so you can keep your track suits on if you wish and put them in the boot at the start. Turn right along Coombe Lane and then left along Bell Barn Road. The start of the miles is by the steps near the shops on Sea Mills Lane. Run down towards Sea Mills, take the 3rd left along Druid Stoke Avenue and then down Shirehampton Road to the Cedar Park junction where I will be. It’s 200m or so down Shirehampton Road back to the start.

For those wanting to stay on the grass, Keith & Mike will be organising a session.

Thursday 14th Oct

For those not running the relays, please be ready to start the session having done a warm up with a few sprint/strides by 7.15, (7.10 on the pavilion clock) between the rugby and hockey pitch.

The session is another 3 speed one of 1300m, rec 400 jog round outside rugby pitch back to start, 2 X 700, rec 300m jog outside the rugby pitch to the start, and 4 X 350/320m (faster/slower group) jog back to start.

Tuesday 19th October

With no major race the following weekend pencil in a couple of tough sessions.

A pyramid starting between the rugby and hockey pitch at 7.15. 2X350/320m (faster/slower group), 2X 480/440 (faster/slower group), 2X900m, 2X 480/440 (faster/slower group), 2X350/320m (faster/slower group).

Thursday 21st Oct

A lactic acid threshold/tempo run. Do a good jog and several strides and be ready to start by 7.10.

2x 4Km on the road, recovery 4 mins. The course starts on the drive by the big tree. Run down the drive, turn left along Coombe Lane for about 600m, left again along Stoke Lane and after about 600m left again along Abbey Road. It’s left again along Canford Lane and after more than 1k left along
Coombe Lane to the drive entrance.