Bridge Inn 2010 Summer Series – Presentation of Awards on Tuesday 28 September 2010

14 Sep

Shields will be awarded to the winners of the Bridge Inn 5K Summer Series 2010 at the prize giving after the first race of the Winter Series on Tuesday 28th September. These awards are based on the fastest 3 performances over the series. The winners were:-

Senior Ladies
1. Debbie Marsden
2. Grace Crane
3. Zoe James

Lady 35
1. Aileen Brown

Lady 45
1. Bettina Broughton

Lady 55
1. Sylvia Crump

Under 17 Men
1. Matt Deacon

Senior Men
1. Steve Francis
2. Dave Beddows
3. Andrew Cooke

Men 45

1. Stuart Penny

Men 55

1. John Hargreaves

Men 60
1. Tony Jefferies

The winners of the Easy Runner Prize based on the fastest time in all 4 races were Aileen Brown and Eddie Lee. However, I have so far been unable to contact Eddie to ascertain if he will be available to come to the prize giving and redeem his prize. If he is unable to attend, then the prize will be given to Tony Jeffries who was 2nd. These prizes are a voucher for a pair of running shoes redeemable at Easy Runner.

Chris Elson
Race Director