Packers Track Due to Open in Third Week of October 2010

09 Sep

At a meeting with staff of City Academy on Tuesday 7 September Cy Knibb and Keith Brackstone were advised that the new track at Packers would be finished in the Third Week of October 2010. After the meeting Cy and Keith went to site for a look around and Keith returned later with camera to take the photos that appear in the Photo Section. Having only been to Packers twice (on nights when most humans and dogs were inside) Keith’s return with camera was in kit which gave him the opportunity to explore the area on foot. Of most interest to the endurance fraternity is that a right turn out of the gate sees you onto the Bristol to Bath Railway footpath/cycleway within 400 metres without having to cross any roads. This footpath/cycleway looks as if it is well lit in both directions. Also of note was that if you run towards Bath there is a tunnel that takes 2 minutes to jog through – a venue that has been filed away for future reference should this winter leave us hunting for somewhere to do reps without snow on the ground.

All-in-all this new facility will be a great benefit to the club and the Officials and Coaches now need to get together to ensure that sessions are in place ready to maximise use of the facilities as soon as they are open.