Magnificent Seven Off to Cardiff for Final BMC Grand Prix of 2010

The following club athletes are off to Cardiff on Saturday 28 August 2010 to run the final BMC Grand Prix of the 2010 summer season. Most of them are in shape to run a PB despite this being the final track race of the year for many of them. Those competing are:

Andrew Dean-Young – Men’s 800 Metre E race

Ruth Mitchell – Women’s 800 Metre B race

Steve Mitchell – Men’s 1,500 Metre A race

Katie Knowles – Women’s 1,500 Metre B race

Debbie Niccol – Women’s 1,500 Metre B race

Hannah Alderson – Women’s 1,500 Metre B race

Kate Goodhead – Women’s 5,000 Metre A race.

It will be interesting to see which of the 3 Bristol & West athletes will come out on top in the Women’s 1,500 metre B race.

Tom Marley will also be present pace making for the Men’s 1,500 metre A race – hopefully he can set Steve Mitchell up for a PB.

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