Chris Elson’s Training Sessions – Second Half of August

12 Aug

MONDAY 16th August – note Monday, not Tuesday.

Meet at the South end of the cricket pavilion near the big tree (Coombe Dingle Sports complex, off Coombe Lane, Stoke Bishop) ready to jog the 400m or so to Stoke Lodge playing fields at 7.05 (7.00) on the pavilion clock.

Full session 800m, 2 X (1mile, 800m) with 400m jog recovery round the cricket pitch. Chris will take his car over if anyone wants to put kit in it.

Thursday 19th August

Keith Brackstone will take this session. Again meet at the pavilion. Be warmed up having done a few sprint strides by 7.10 (7.05 on the pavilion clock).  The session is 4 X (500, 300) on the field (known to some as the Meadow) on the right as you come in. Recovery 1/2 lap. Cricketers permitting.

Tuesday 24th August

Meet at the pavilion warmed up by 7.10. A pyramid on the Meadow. 230, 465, 930, 1395, 930, 465, 230. In other words, 1/2 lap 1 lap, 2 laps, 3 laps, 2 laps, 1 lap, 1/2 lap. Recoveries after the 230, and 465 1/2 lap, 1 lap after the longer reps. Again cricketers permitting.

Thursday 26th on the main field. Be warmed up having done a few sprint strides and ready to start at 7.15 (7.10 on the pavilion clock) between the hockey pitch and rugby pitch. Session 14 X 340/300 faster group/slower group.