Emily & Margaret: Our Two 200m Stars Highlighted Mike Strange Reports

27 Jul

Mike’s Blog – July 27th 2010. 

The ‘main’ bulletin this week will be compiled by Cy Knibb who has returned to team management after a 20 + year break with B&W to score a remarkable team success in the 10 in 100 cup semi-final.  All I can say is well done to all,  but to also emphasise that this proves that B&W can compete alongside the best clubs in the Country without fear. 

My blog this week is about the remarkable running of Emily Diamond in the IAAF World Junior Championships in Canada.  Emily matched her dream that she could make the final.  She did it.  6th in a massively competitive event in the great time of 23.62.  You are a ‘Star’ Emily.  Emily according to reports was exhausted after racing at this high level over three days so as one might expect her big performance came in the Semi-final where she set her personal best of 23.47 secs.  To demonstrate the strength of this performance we can only compare it to the brilliant running of arguably the greatest athlete that Bristol ever produced, Margaret Critchley.  Margaret’s repertoire of PB 200m runs includes her Club Record of 23.2 in Berlin in 1970, an electronic legal best of 23.48 at Crystal Palace, 23.15 windy whilst taking a Bronze Medal in the Commonwealth Games at Edinburgh and finally the ultimate 23.1 windy on the then pristine track at Whitchurch in 1974.  Margaret went on to compete in the Olympic Games in Munich in 1972.

Emily you are almost up there with Margaret (her U20 record was only a meagre 24.0?) and given good luck and an injury free passage you can emulate her.  At this present time we honour your really impressive ‘World’ performance and look forward to a great athletic future. 

Mike Strange