Club athlete makes history tonight – Wednesday 14 July 2010

14 Jul

Some of you will no doubt recall Derek Lincoln – a Canadian post-grad at the University of Bristol who ran 800 metres and cross-country for the University and Bristol & West in 2008 and 2009 (and is still a club member). Well it appears that this extrovert – well known for his topless training in sub-zero temperatures in February at Coombe Dingle – has embarked on a new career as reported on in ‘Maloney’s Musings’ a feature in the Canadian Track and Field web-site ‘Mile Split’.

The following is a repeat of the article by Andrew Maloney:


His older brother Matt may have been given the nickname “Hollywood” for his penchant for sauntering into the stadium 45 minutes before breaking a national relay record (twice), but it appears Derek Lincoln is the real star of the family. The former runner from Agincourt High School in Toronto, who went on an athletics scholarship to University of South Florida in 2002, later completed his Masters degree in Archaeology at the University of Bristol in England. It now appears young Derek will soon be making his debut on the History Channel’s premiere of “Chasing Mummies”. (Premiering July 14 – preview can be viewed at )

In this age of reality television, it appears even the History Channel is not immune from such a desperately crass attempt (and I mean that in the best way possible) to grab a share of that key demographic audience of shallow-minded viewers (such as myself). Based on the early previews of the show, “Chasing Mummies” should be fifty times more interesting than the five-part series the History Channel aired last week on the History of Rocks, the umpteenth documentary on the Second World War, or just about anything else on that channel.

The premise of the show follows a group of young archaeologists led by a tyrannical archaeologist Dr. Zahi Hawass, who in the mould of Simon Cowell and Donald Trump, says whatever is on his mind regardless of its impact on his underlings and in any manner of voice he wishes – yelling at meetings, advising one of the females to divorce her husband, matter-of-factly instructing one of the men to lose weight and encouraging Derek Lincoln to jump off a cliff.

It is assumed young Lincoln made it back from Egypt alive but to find out for sure, you may want to tune in for this archaeological tour de farce. Definite must-see television.”

Whether Derek makes it out alive from the series you will need to tune in and see – as for the real Derek – my sources (Derek’s girl-friend and fellow former Bristol University 800 meter runner Phillippa Aukett) tell me that he is currently back in Canada by way of Mexico, where he was involved in other archaeological activities. It appears that Derek is becoming a real-life Indiana Jones.