Track & Field Bulletin by Mike Strange

10 Jul

Track & Field Bulletin – July 7th 2010. 

Keith reported on the magnificent Midland League victory at Stoke so I will sum up the other weekend activities of our athletes.  Firstly like Keith I would like to pay tributes to all of the athletes that came to Stoke and gave their all.  Keith did mention Rubi Juan in the 400m Hurdles, just after she had scored maximum ‘B’ points in the Pole Vault.  Rubi covered new ground in trying the 400mH.  Remember the hurdles are just about as high as Rubi.  She ran down the back straight with ease pulling away from the rest of the field then she struck the wall!  Poor Rubi battled on totally spent having to step over hurdles in some instances but finished eventually to score magnificent Club points.  That epitomised the spirit of our team and carried right through to the final events.  Well done everyone.

One great sight for me was the appearance of ‘Paddy’ McLernon running again in Club colours after a few years break.  Not quite back to 48 sec 400m running Paddy but we know the determination that will pull you back into our fold.  See you at Whitchurch soon.

Our youngsters (Under 17’s) were blooded into the team for the first time this year.  (Namely Sam Bedwell, George Hurford, Zac Marsh & Valentina Santo-Fullerton).  We were very grateful for your contributions and you helped us greatly.  Just add up your points and you will see that we would not have won without you.  We just hope your performances spurred you on to come with us again soon and gave your confidences a boost.  Thanks as well George for ‘volunteering’ to do the 400m hurdles, it was appreciated.

A last special mention goes to Sean Hazell who competed despite quite a bad ankle injury.  Sean dominated the 2k steeplechase to win (as usual) in fine fashion but the 5k on top was too much for Sean.  After leading the ‘B’ string for some time his ankle gave up, but Sean didn’t.  He ran slowly, stopped, jogged and looked to be in pain – but he finished and scored much needed points.

Of course we had really outstanding performances to go with the tales of valour above but as Keith said ‘there were just too many to mention in a short paragraph’.

One point is that we must continue our efforts into the last match at far away Nottingham.  We may have the same number of points as Charnwood in 2nd place (poised for another league winners pennant) but we are only 2 points in front of 5th place (relegation to Div 2) so we have to pull out all of the stops yet again.  Go do it Team. 

At the ‘Masters’ Champs at Cardiff we had our usual smattering of winners.  Pride of place has to go to Martin Davies, British Champion for the M50 Pole Vault after years of praying for this victory.  We love you Martin.  Other more expected British Champions were Carol Powell 200m & 400m; Phil Parry 5k & Dave Bedwell 1500m.  Jeremy Hogan was 4th in the 1500m and Bruno Laasna (back after a lengthy spell of injury) 8th in the 100m & 6th in the 400m.  Well done all of you. 

Our South West League team (with Mendip) had a relatively short journey to Yeovil this week.  Ben Coghlan won the 200m and Alex Fields (one of our Saturday heroes) tried unsuccessfully to bring his 400mH time below 60sec for the first time.  Keep trying Alex, the improvement is just around the corner.  Alex also came 2nd in the 200m.  The Young brother did well in the distance races with Nathan winning the 5km and Kieron coming 3rd in the 3km.  Team Manager Simon Park wasn’t totally happy with his 12.1 / 24.9 sprint combination but teaming up with Alastair Abrams, Ben Coghlan and Alex Fields they managed to win the 4x100m in a very respectable time of 45.8 secs.  

Look on the Power of 10 web-site please for detail results and times. 

This coming weekend we anxiously look to the results of the English Schools Champs at Birmingham.  The 17 B&W athletes competing (4 are not actually 1st claim members at this moment) are : Annasley Park; Rhys Park; Hobie Martin; Annabel Gummow; Tom Gibson; Leon Reid; Yannick Budd; Ding Yang; Luke Bailey; Miranda Sadler; Olivia Sadler; Lily Owsley; Lucy Bryan; Hannah Alderson; Mat Norton; James Taylor & Alice Grosjean.  Good luck to all of you we will be urging you on.  Look out for them ‘live’ on Sky Sports on Saturday afternoon and remember they are not all competing in Avon vests.

 For the senior team we still have important fixtures ahead apart from the final League match at Nottingham on Sun 1st Aug.  We also have our British League Cup Semi-Final at Yate on 24th July (Gustav may come over to bolster out team) we also have the British League Qualifier (Mens & Womens) on Sunday 19 Sept at Abingdon.  Yes I know the season should be over by then but all we ask is that you all make one final push to get back into the National Leagues where Bristol & West belongs.  Please one final effort from everyone on 19th Sept. 

Mike Strange