Track & Field Bulletin from Mike Strange – 29 June 2010

01 Jul

This week a full bulletin is not easy, you see I spent the whole of Sunday timekeeping at Avon League.  I witnessed some good performances but was unable to note them whilst on Officiating duties.  The problem is that of course the results have not yet been published so I can only reflect from memory.  Please excuse if I am unable to comment on your performance!

First of all the Veterans (Masters) were out in force it being the final opportunity for everyone to tune up for the British Champs in Cardiff this next weekend.  Phil Parry dominated the 5km with the fine time of 16:03.0 with Jeremy Hogan in 17 min form about 400m behind.   Dave Bedwell was looking for speed and did the 400m and Carol Powell was rather pleased with her 200m in 29.19.  Bruno Laasna seems to be getting back to form after a long spell out with injury and I didn’t actually see Martin Davies vault but he seemed to be challenging the elastic bar with vigour.  Good luck to each of you plus Derek Morgan of course at Cardiff over this weekend.

One Veteran I left out was of course Ruby Juan because she is coming to Stoke with the big team this weekend.  Ruby improved her pole Vault PB to 2.40 and is going well but she was still beaten by Team Manager Andrea Lock so we do have a couple of bankers for Stoke.   That leads me nicely to the real star of the day, not unusually it was Lucy Bryan who once again improved her PB this time to 3.85m.  Martin Davies writes that Lucy borrowed his much heavier pole, which he says was totally unsuitable for her and once again she advanced her best this time by 5cm.

Back on the track it was great to see Emma Reed back on UK tracks after a long winter of successful competition in the USA.  Her 800m I think was around 2:22 which was fine introduction to UK running again.  Revelation of the day was John Brierly who went to the top of our club 400m Hurdles rankings for 2010 by running a striking 59.5 behind Welsh International Joe Lloyd.  John looked to be an accomplished hurdler and later admitted to doing the event a few years ago whilst still at school.  We expect a lot from you now John where you can take pressure off reluctant long hurdlers like Yannick Budd!  Lloyd Rice (now 2nd Claim) cobbled together a 4x100m relay team to go for the League Record but unfortunately it all went wrong in the change-overs – but with Lloyd on the last leg we still were winners by the skin of our teeth from Yate (that must be good mustn’t it?).

Hilary took a small but talented team of under 20’s to Coventry where there were some outstanding performances.  Leon Reid confirmed his fine form with another 11.1 clocking in the 100m and then won the ‘B’ 200m with a casual run of 23.4 secs.  Kwame Fordwor made a big breakthrough in the 200m ‘A’ clocking 22.7 secs following an excellent 100m in 11.5 secs.  I believe if Kwame had done this a week earlier he could have been selected to go to the English Schools.  A pity but keep your chin up man we know you should have gone.

Sean Hazell suffered an ankle strain and ran very cautiously in the 3k & 2k steeplechase after ice treatment. This explains why he only did two events!

James Preston excelled in the shot putt with 14.79m which was the second best male performance on the day. We await the adjudicator’s decision over the Athlete of the Match Award. James also achieved 40.30 for Discus, 37.41 for Hammer & 21.18 for the Javelin.

Tom Gibson travelled to compete in the pole vault but unfortunately found the bed to be outside of current specification and therefore did not risk injury with the English Schools just around the corner.  Last week I missed Tom from my report and have later found that he beat Luke Bailey at Exeter but the result of the Senior Boys Pole Vault is still missing from those results so I await someone informing me on what happened there.