Chris Elson’s Intermediate Group’s Training Sessions

22 May

Just a reminder of the next sessions for the next fortnight.
Tuesday 25th May. As usual I will be at the Bridge Inn 5K race.Thursday 27th May. Meet at the pavilion at the University playing fields(Coombe Lane) as usual. Jog over the 400m Stoke Lodge playing fields at
7.05 for a session of 6 X 800m alternating between the lower and top half of the field.

Tuesday 1st June. A pyramid of 450, 900, 1800, 900, 450 on the Meadow, cricketers permitting. Be warmed up ready to start the session at 7.15 (7.10 on the pavilion clock).
Thursday 3rd June. 20 X 200/220 (I know you all love this one). On the back (lower)straight of the main field. Make sure you have done a good warm up with some fast strides before embarking on this one.
Hoping to see your there.